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Central station monitoring is a critical service, helping businesses across industries maintain costly equipment and respond to critical alerts , including power failure, security breaches, fire protection system actuation, sub-optimal system performance, and theft. AXONTEC SELF CONTAINED CENTRAL MONITORING SYSTEM SUPPLIERS IN DUBAI. We are the A+ Dcd approved company. Central monitoring system integrated with Intrusion alarm system, Digital surveillance camera, Access control, Internet , CCTV. We are the best central monitoring installation company in Dubai


Annual Maintenance contact for Central Monitoring System

AXONTEC provide full design, supply installation, testing and commissioning, for Central Monitoring System
and Annual Maintenance contact wth DCD approval . we are the best supplier in Dubai UAE for Central Monitoring System. Alarm panel Maximizing safety and efficiency with centralized monitoring for emergency lighting systems is a very important for any facility like school college warehouse, business area, factory, warehouse etc. management plan. Central monitoring for emergency lighting systems allows for a centralized approach to monitoring emergency lights, required proper Annual maintenance required including regular testing, maintenance, and replacement.


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