A fire suppression system detect fires in their beginning stages using heat, smoke, and other warning signs. These are connected to an alarm system that will notifcation given you when a fire has been discovered and start actions to suppress the fire. the major of fire suppression systems will automatically apply an external material to extinguish the fire. Some fire suppression systems,


Annual Maintenance contact for NOVEC

AXONTEC provide full design, supply installation, testing and commissioning, and Annual Maintenance contact for fire Annual Maintenance contact for NOVEC / Sinorix 1230 or Novec 1230 is a common fire extinguishing agent. Among the Clean Agents, it has the lowest atmospheric lifetime of 7 days. It is saved or stored as a liquid, “zero ozone depletion potential”.best NOVEC1230 system in Dubai. Dcd approved NOVEC in Dubai.


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