Supply installation of all kind fire alarm system

AXONTEC top destination for all your supply and installation all type of Fire Alarm systems in Dubai.we are one of the best fire alarm companies in Dubai. we are offering safety and protection with Dubai civil defense approved contractor. Fire alarm system products we are providing Fire Alarm Control Panel, Smoke Detector, Heat Detector, Manual Call Point , sounder bell and other products. Accurate to ensure fire safety system .Axontec supporting the integration of 24/7 monitoring system in Dubai. We are dealing DCD approved products or brand like NAFCO, Honewell


Annual Maintenance contact for Fire Alarm System

Annual Maintenance contact for Fire Alarm System in Dubai best quality AMC for fire alarm system we are smart provider of fire detection & notification systems and fire alarm system as part of our fire fighting systems or solution Dubai, UAE and Saudi Arabia We are the leading fire alarm and firefighting company. The fire alarm system AXONTEC has the most effective fire alarm control panel that works to monitoring, analyze, detection, reporting, and automatically with its functionalizes

AXONTEC supply the Smoke Detector, Heat Detector, Manual Call Point, sounder bell in middle east standards approved by civil defense, we are offering the best price and quality in the market A+ civil defense approved fire alarm compony in dubai

AXONTEC that provides the top fire alarm company in the Dubai having the best brand including the best price offering for supply and installation. We are the leading fire alarm and detection compony in UAE

Edward system, GST, Gent, Simplex, Zeta, Esser, Honeywell, Morley IAS, Zygon, C-tec, Wormald, Shield, Lifeco, Hochiki, Apollo, Nitin.



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